Outsourcing Call-Center "KNOCK" created in 2011.

Main business is to organize a system for processing incoming and outgoing requests that come in different communication channels, including: telephone, e-mail, web, sms.

Outsourcing Call-Center "KNOCK" equipped with a robust and equipment that allows you to:

  • qualitatively handle a large number of calls without reducing access;
  • create intelligent call routing to minimize the loss of incoming calls;
  • structured customer base;
  • adapt the software to suit individual conditions and problems of clients;
  • collect and analyze statistical information on various criteria, and so on.

But the most important and most valuable in the company are our employees are professionals who have considerable experience in telefoiyi.

Why Outsourcing Call-Center «KNOCK"? - Because only have we heard all that before you knocking - "KNOCK-KNOCK !")). you have not even guess, and we welcome your clients that a moment will you .